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Rates for Proofreading and Copy Editing


$30/hour (STANDARD)
$40/hour (RUSH)
Copy Editing:
$50/hour (STANDARD)
$60/hour (RUSH)

Use the form below to CALCULATE your estimate:
e.g., 2000 (for two thousand)
Number of Words:
Type of Service:


Minimum Order = $30

For a detailed estimate, send me your document by email.

Do I need proofreading or copy editing?

If you would like a sample of my proofreading or copy editing, I would be happy to review and edit a one-page (double-spaced) version of your writing for a minimum charge (in advance) of $30 for proofreading and $40 for copy editing. Longer versions will be charged in advance at my regular hourly rates. Payment can be made by credit card at:

Please notify me if your documents are in British or Canadian English.

As a courtesy, please PAGINATE all originals!

All changes are marked up on the hard copy, unless requested otherwise. If you wish your document to have changes tracked through a "compare documents" function, the charge for the project will be extra, depending on the length of the project.

Client will be charged extra if formatting problems arise—and require fixing—during proofreading or copy editing.

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